Legal Rap

Yo, listen up, I got the legal scoop,

From Dale Carnegie’s ten golden rules to dumb laws in Nebraska,

If you’re importing fish, you need a permit,

Check out BFAR’s requirements before you forget.

Advisory board agreements got you in a bind?

Learn the key legal considerations, it’s not hard to find,

And if you’re thinking, “Can I change my business bank account name?”,

Get some legal advice to avoid any shame.

Heading to Japan? Check the quarantine rules,

For tourists, there’s a lot, don’t be fooled,

Abuse process of law, it’s a real thing,

But there are legal protections and remedies, so don’t cling.

For ace legal services in Los Angeles, you’re covered,

Get expert advice and representation from the best of the others.

Legal salmon size, regulations are tight,

Before you go fishing, make sure you’re right,

And if you’re looking for a PPE purchase agreement,

Don’t worry, I got the legal engagement.

So that’s the legal rap, I hope you enjoyed,

It’s all about the law, don’t be annoyed.