The Legal Rap: Everything You Need to Know About Legalities and Laws

Yo, listen up, it’s time to talk about the law,

Everything you need to know and more, no flaw,

From legal requirements of recruitment and selection to administrative law, it’s all here,

You gotta understand the doctrine of res judicata in administrative law so your knowledge is clear,

Don’t forget about contracting out agreements and trademark law in Canada,

And if you’re into golf, you gotta know are Cleveland cg12 wedges legal or you might get banned, yah,

Learn the difference between mores and laws and how many beers you can have under the limit,

And for all my foreigners, check the Singapore income tax rate for foreigners, it’s legit,

When it comes to business, know your business formation and keep up with the weed legalization bill in congress,

So when it comes to the law, you’re at the head of the class,

Oh yeah, that’s the legal rap!